Since 2020, the German Federal government has been issuing green bonds, thus promoting the market for green financial products. The twin bond concept makes the value of green investments visible to investors. Transparency also arises thanks to the reporting on green Federal securities about the green expenditures of the Federal budget that are allocated to them.

Currently Outstanding green Federal Securities

Bond Maturity Coupon Outstanding Last Issuance ISIN
2021 (2050) Bund/g 15.08.2050 0.00% 10,000 € mn 01.06.2022 DE0001030724
2021 (2031) Bund/g 15.08.2031 0.00% 9,000 € mn 02.11.2022 DE0001030732
2020 (2030) Bund/g 15.08.2030 0.00% 9,500 € mn 20.07.2022 DE0001030708
Bobl/g 10.10.2025 0.00% 6,500 € mn 24.01.2023 DE0001030716
Bobl/g 15.10.2027 1.30% 6,500 € mn 21.03.2023 DE0001030740
Targets and Framework

What is the purpose of green Federal securities?

Application of Funds

Green expenses and reporting

Twin Bond Concept

Special features of the twin bond concept


Issuance results and schedule

Outstanding Bonds

Outstanding green Federal Securities


Trading activities with green Federal securities


  • Global Capital Bond Awards 2021: "Most Impressive Government Green/SRI Bond Issuer"
  • Global Capital und Environmental Finance: „Green Bond of the Year 2020“
  • Climate Bonds Initiative: „Largest Green Sovereign Bond 2020“
  • International Financing Review: „Euro Bond“ & „Sustainable Bond of the Year 2020“
Auszeichnung Green Bond of the Year 2020 (Global Capital)
Auszeichnung Green Bond of the Year 2020 (Environmental Finance)
Auszeichnung für Largest Green Sovereign Bond 2020 (Climate Bonds Initiative)
Auszeichnung Euro Bond & Sustainable Bond of the Year 2020 (IFR)

Understanding Green Federal Securities