The Federal Republic of Germany - Finance Agency is a company under private law in which the Federal Republic of Germany (represented by the Federal Ministry of Finance) has a direct and sole shareholding. The Federal Ministry of Finance exercises legal and technical supervision over the Finance Agency. 

Within the framework of the parliamentary control task pursuant to section 10a of the Stabilisation Fund Act (StFG), the Federal Finance Board is informed by the Federal Ministry of Finance on all matters concerning the special fund "Financial Market Stabilisation Fund" (FMS). Pursuant to section 4 StFG, an interministerial committee (steering committee) decides on the essential matters concerning the FMS on the proposal of the Finance Agency (or on the proposal of the Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilisation (FMSA) if measures for resolution institutions under Federal law (pursuant to section 8a StFG) are concerned).

The Finance Agency performs tasks for the Federal government on a statutory basis. Since 1 January 2018, it has administered the FMS, which was established by the Federal government in 2008 to deal with the financial market crisis, and manages the equity investments held by them. Furthermore, it is entrusted with the sponsorship of the FMSA, which exercises legal supervision over the deconsolidated environment established under Federal law.