Society and Responsibility

We, the Finance Agency, take responsibility for the interests of our shareholders, business partners, employees and the public. This responsible corporate governance explicitly includes society and the environment.

The Principles of Good Corporate Governance at the Finance Agency

Corporate governance - this term represents the responsible management and control of a company. For us at Finance Agency, this means efficient and effective cooperation between shareholders and management, respect for shareholder interests, and openness and transparency in corporate communication. We are convinced that transparent and good corporate governance, which meets internationally and nationally recognised standards, is an essential factor for entrepreneurial success. Corporate governance is part of our self-image and of all areas of our company.

In September 2020, the Federal government adopted a new version of the " Principles for good corporate and investment management in the area of the Federal government". The principles were updated in December 2023. The "Public Corporate Governance Code" (PCGK) establishes the standard of good corporate governance for companies in which the Federal government holds a majority stake.  The principles emphasise the exemplary role of companies with Federal participation and their social responsibility. The PCGK also focuses on the topic of sustainability.

The recommendations of the PCGC are an integral part of our framework for action through their anchoring in the rules of the Finance Agency. We present our corporate constitution, management and control in the annual corporate governance reports. The reports of the last ten years are published below. Older documents are available on request via our contacts.

The Corporate Governance Reports of the Finance Agency