Ratings of the Federal Republic of Germany

Current ratings of the Federal Republic of Germany by major international rating agencies

Agencylong termshort termoutlookdate report
Standard & PoorsAAAA-1+stable2024-03-22
Moody'sAaa stable2024-02-13
DBRS MorningstarAAAR-1 highstable2023-12-01

Rating Reports

Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings is a credit rating agency with headquarters in New York and London. Fitch Ratings is part of the Fitch Group and is wholly owned by Hearst Communications Inc. The rating agency is present in more than 30 countries worldwide and employs over 2000 people.

Rating Action Commentary 2024-03-15 [PDF]

Rating Action Commentary 2023-09-15 [PDF]

More information: www.fitchratings.com.

Standard & Poor's

S&P Global Ratings is an internationally known credit rating agency. Standard & Poor's Global Ratings performs credit analysis in the form of ratings and risk analysis. The company rates industrial companies in a wide range of industries, financial institutions, sovereigns, funds and structured finance products in nearly 30 countries. In the European Union, Standard & Poor's is supervised by ESMA (European Security and Markets Authority) and is a recognized rating agency for regulatory risk weighting.

Research Update S&P 2024-03-22 [PDF]

Research Update S&P 2023-09-25 [PDF]


More information S&P Global Ratings: www.spglobal.com.

DBRS Morningstar

DBRS Morningstar is a global credit rating company with approximately 700 employees in eight offices worldwide. The company is the fourth largest credit rating agency in the world and the market leader in Canada, the U.S. and Europe in several asset classes.

Rating Report DBRS 2023-12-01 [PDF]
Press Release 2023-12-01 [PDF]
Rating Report DBRS 2023-06-02 [PDF]
Press Release 2023-06-02 [PDF]

More information DBRS Morningstar: www.dbrsmorningstar.com.


Scope Ratings

Scope is the leading European provider of independent credit ratings, ESG analysis and fund analysis. The company is a rating agency registered under the EU Rating Regulation and operating in the European Union with ECAI status. Scope presents credit analyses and ratings from a distinctly European perspective.

Rating Report Scope 2023-10-20 [PDF]
Press release Scope 2023-10-20 [PDF]

Rating Report Scope 2023-05-05 [PDF]
Press release Scope 2023-05-05 [PDF]


More information Scope Ratings: www.scoperatings.com.


KBRA Kroll Bond Rating Agency

KBRA is a global rating agency with over 500 employees across the US, the EU and the UK. Since 2017, Kroll Bond Rating Agency Europe Limited has been registered by ESMA in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1060/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of September 16, 2009 on credit rating agencies (as amended) and is recognised as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) by the European Banking Authority (EBA). KBRA is also supervised by the SEC in the US and by the FCA in the UK.

Rating Report 2024-03-15 [english, PDF]

Rating Report 2023-09-15 [english, PDF]


More information KBRA Ratings: www.kbra.com