Overview of Measures of the FMS (in € bn)

Recipient of the measure/ instituteCurrent guarantiees as at 2022-12-31 (section 6 StFG)1Outstanding volume (section 7 StFG) as at 2022-12-31Book values (section 7 StFG) 2022-12-31
Hypo Real Estate GmbH (HRE)-7.530.8
FMS-Wertmanagement AöR (FMS-WM)-2.00.0
Erste Abwicklungsanstalt AöR (EAA)---

Refinancing FMS-WM via FMS as at 2022-12-31 (max. € 60 bn)559.4

1) Guarantee income of € 2.2 bn was generated from expired liquidity guarantees of up to € 168 bn. These guarantees were not utilised.
2) The shareholding of the FMS in the CBK amounts to 15.6 % (approx. 195 million shares).
3) Of this amount, € 3.7 bn is economically attributable to FMS-WM: € 2.1 bn was paid directly to FMS-WM; € 1.6 bn was paid by DEPFA to FMS-WM as a payment obligation.
4) Rounding differences may occur
5) With the entry into force of the legal amendments to section 9 StFG on 29 December 2020, the euro refinancing of the FMS-WM via the FMS special fund was increased to a maximum of € 60 bn. The refinancing of the FMS-WM does not affect the result of the FMS.

Total result of the FMS since the start of the measure until 2022-12-31-21.5

List of Former and Current Beneficiaries of Measures