Entry for School Leavers

Regardless of whether you start with an apprenticeship after successfully completing your school education or prefer to pursue an academic degree in parallel - we offer you both options!

Fachinformatiker (m/w/d) SystemintegrationSchool leaversDownload (PDF)
Kauffrau/-mann (m/w/d) für BüromanagementSchool leaversDownload (PDF)
Dualer Student (m/w/d) Business AdministrationSchool leaversDownload (PDF)

What you should bring along

Our range of tasks is anything but ordinary. That is why we are always on the lookout for highly motivated students who are enthusiastic about expanding their knowledge with us in order to shape the future together.

Readiness to Learn

Learning new things every day as well as openness and curiosity are important factors for your entry.


Enthusiasm and motivation are important building blocks for learning success and the next career steps.

Social and Open

Diversity shapes our society and is a central component of our corporate culture.

Professional Training

As part of a qualified training program at the Finance Agency, we will support you in your first steps on the job and make you fit for your future tasks.

If you opt for the two to three-year training program to become an Office Management Clerk, you will be able to handle clerical tasks in a demanding environment on your own responsibility after graduation. You will acquire your commercial qualifications during your assignments in the departments of the Finance Agency. These include Organisational & Project Management, Human Resources, Purchasing & Accounting and Communications. You can expect a varied range of tasks and modern technology.

The start date for the vocational training programs is 1 August / 1 September of each year.

During your two to three years of training, you will learn how to plan and commission mobile and stationary IT systems. You will set up systems according to requirements and operate them with tool support. You will learn to systematically isolate and rectify any faults that occur. Under the guidance of an experienced team of administrators, you will work increasingly independently on issues that arise and provide targeted support for IT projects to introduce new or existing technology. For this purpose, you will have access to a modern workstation with mobile terminals. The focus of your work will be in the area of information technology. Other assignments are possible, for example, in the Purchasing & Accounting and Organization & Project Management departments.

The start date for vocational training is August 1/September 1 of each year.

Dual Course of Study

In addition to the professional trainings, the Finance Agency offers two dual study programs:

In cooperation with the FOM University of Applied Sciences, we offer a dual, practice-integrated Bachelor of Arts (Finance & Banking) program as a career starter. During the total of seven semesters, you will acquire business and financial know-how with a high level of practical relevance. You will learn to evaluate financial market and company data and develop an understanding of value creation and risk management.

You will apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the practical phases in the respective areas of application, e.g. trading, risk management, back office, investments, investor relations, purchasing & accounting.

The start date for a dual study program is 1 August/1 September of each year (winter semester).

The dual practice-integrated Bachelor of Science (Applied Computer Science) program combines application-oriented computer science training with exciting and challenging practical experience.

The 7-semester program takes place in cooperation with the Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. During the lecture period, you will attend the university on four days. During the fifth day and the lecture-free period, you will support an experienced team in risk controlling. In doing so, you will learn about the latest and most innovative technical solutions for risk control in projects.

The start date for a dual study program is 1 August / 1September of each year (winter semester).

Our goal is to offer particularly convincing and committed career starters prospects beyond the dual study program. In addition to an exciting and varied range of tasks, you will have the opportunity to take on responsibility directly and work independently.

Performance & Development

We reward your performance and shape your professional development in cooperation with you.

Compensation & Benefits

We strive for compensation at market level. Performance-based, appropriate, fair.

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