Federal Treasury notes ("Schaetze")


Maturity: 2 years

Income: fixed annual interest payment

Redemption: at par value

Price risk: low

Issuer risk: very low

With a maturity of two years, Federal Treasury notes (Schaetze) have the shortest maturity of any capital market instruments issued by the Federal Government.

Schaetze as a proportion of currently tradeable Government debt

Primary market

After Bunds and Bobls, Schaetze are one of the Federal Government's most important funding tools. As there are four new issues per year, there are eight Schaetze outstanding at any one time.

As in the previous years, four new issues of Schaetze will be carried out in 2020 – in February, May, August and November. After an initial issue with a volume of € 5 bn, the new issues in February, May and August reach a total volume of € 13 bn via two reopenings of € 4 bn each in the two following months. The new issue in November of € 5 bn will have just one reopening before year-end, reaching € 8 bn for the time being. In addition, the Schatz initially issued in November 2019 will be re-opened for a last time in January 2020 by € 4 bn in order to achieve a final volume of € 13 bn.

This means that in the 2020 issuance calendar € 51 bn (€ 3 bn less than in the previous year) will be raised via Schaetze. Due to the reduced annual issuance volume the share of Schaetze in relation to the other issued Government securities decreases slightly from 26 % (2019) to about 24 %.

Schaetze as a proportion of total issuance volume in 2020

In contrast to the issuance volumes of nominal bonds which already had been fixed within the issuance calendar for the whole year, the issuance amount of the inflation-linked bonds is specified on a daily basis. So in this chart their share increases during the year with each new issuance of an inflation-linked bond (whereby the shares of the nominal bonds decrease slightly).

Secondary market

Schaetze are among the most liquid securities traded on the secondary market for German Government securities. The general tendency on the primary market is to have eight outstanding Schaetze at any one time. At year-end 2019, there was an outstanding volume of € 98 bn corresponding to around 9 % of the total German Government bond volume. This corresponds in relative as well as absolute terms to the numbers of the previous years that vary around € 100 bn and 9 %. At year-end 2019 the tradable volumes of each single security (without the November Schatz whose targeted final volume wasn't achieved at year-end) amounted to € 12 to 14 bn. Schaetze accounted for around 13 % (€ 595 bn) of the trading volume of German Government securities of the reporting member banks of the Bund Issues Auction Group in 2018. That is almost unchanged versus previous year's € 615 bn.

Currently tradeable Federal Treasury notes

Bond Maturity Coupon Outstanding last Auction ISIN
No security was found.
2019 IV Schatz 10.12.2021 0.00 % 13,000 € m 21.01.2020 DE0001104784
2019 III Schatz 10.09.2021 0.00 % 13,000 € m 15.10.2019 DE0001104776
2019 II Schatz 11.06.2021 0.00 % 14,000 € m 30.07.2019 DE0001104768
2019 Schatz 12.03.2021 0.00 % 13,000 € m 30.04.2019 DE0001104750
2018 IV Schatz 11.12.2020 0.00 % 12,000 € m 29.01.2019 DE0001104743
2018 III Schatz 11.09.2020 0.00 % 12,000 € m 16.10.2018 DE0001104735
2018 II Schatz 12.06.2020 0.00 % 12,000 € m 17.07.2018 DE0001104727
2018 Schatz 13.03.2020 0.00 % 13,000 € m 24.04.2018 DE0001104719

The terms of issue for Federal Treasury notes are available within the security master data after clicking on the corresponding ISIN.