Prevention of Corruption

Prevention of corruption is an integral part of the compliance function for the Finance Agency.
In order to obtain knowledge of any compliance violations, we provide a reporting channel via e-mail, which you can use to raise concerns about possible violations confidentially.
You can reach the responsible contact person at the following e-mail address:

Finance Agency provides public-key cryptography for e-mails via Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) method. In order to encrypt please download the public key and import it to your PGP application.

Public Key
Then you can check if the fingerprint of the key matches the follwing number on this page.
Fingerprint: CD0C AD45 9B95 EBF4 84B9  8366 FFE8 053F 9A7C 1E62
Therafter you are enabled to send us encrypted messages via e-mail.


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