Work/Life balance

Balancing your professional and private life is without doubt nowadays one of the most important criteria in choosing an employer. In this respect, the Finance Agency has a lot to offer.

Logo certificate audit berufundfamilie

A healthy balance between challenging work, on the one hand, and its compatibility with personal and family matters, on the other, is an issue we take seriously. At the Finance Agency, we offer flexible working conditions. As our focus is on getting the job done rather than insisting our employees are at their desks for a certain time, we offer an optional trust-based working time model. In addition to offering flexitime, we also have a flexible, straightforward approach to accommodating our employees' individual life situation and specific needs.

In receiving the certficicate "audit berufundfamilie" from the berufundfamilie gGmbH in December 2015 our job and lifecycle oriented human resources policy was confirmed. The reconciling of work and private life shall strenthen the motivation and long term commitment of our employees and therewith the performance  of the company as a whole.