Development opportunities & further training

Encouraging people to develop is one of the most important goals of any successful manager. Both employees and the Finance Agency benefit from targeted training.

We look closely at the qualifications you already have and which measures we can take to support and assist you in performing your role.
This applies to both management and technical skills, which we encourage in equal measures. Individual professional development takes place either as part of training sessions or "on the job".

Of course effective managers are a key factor in our success. We fill a large proportion of management positions internally and prepare our staff systematically to take on greater areas of responsibility. To identify and develop management staff, we use an individual competence review as an assessment centre, which comprises several components. This includes structured interviews, work-related personality questionnaires, case studies and role plays. We offer experienced managers an environment in which they can continue to develop their personal, social and management skills.

Networking within the organisation is very important to us. That is why we encourage cooperation between the various areas through work shadowing (for example, several days of "over-the-shoulder learning" between operational departments and staff departments or along process chains), job rotation or employee mentoring for new members of staff.

Our training also includes internal presentations on the latest activities and priorities within individual departments as well as guest presentations by external experts from the worlds of politics and economics on current issues.