Culture and values

We believe it is extremely important to continually improve the way our employees work together with each other – across all levels and all organisational units.

Each organisation has its own specific culture. This is essentially a result of the priorities assigned by the company to various values. When viewed as a whole, this combination of priorities provides an unmistakable picture of the company's ideals and a clear pattern of behaviour, which gives it a unique identity.

In 2010, we initiated a long-term process to further develop our corporate culture with the aim of improving communication and cooperation as well as enhancing it by various constructive elements.

  • Performance …for us, includes taking on challenging activities, adopting a future-oriented way of thinking, setting suitably ambitious goals and delivering excellent work.
  • Professional self-fulfilment …for us, includes thinking autonomously and independently, taking pleasure in your work, sharing ideas with others and being confident to express your own opinions.
  • Working together with colleagues and motivation …for us, includes supporting and encouraging others, taking an interest in other people's needs and resolving conflicts in a constructive manner.
  • An outgoing personality …for us, includes being cooperative and friendly, encouraging satisfaction within a team and enjoying a good relationship with others.

A joint mission statement should ensure that others understand the company's management style and in turn, encourage a high level of performance within the company. Ultimately, a working model with a stronger emphasis on trust, direct feedback and exemplary behaviour from managers will empower and encourage employees to fully utilise their performance potential.