Our activities – your prospects

In addition to ensuring the solvency of the Federal Government, we provide a variety of other services to the Federal Government aimed at making risk-adjusted savings on interest-rate costs.

Our core activity and corporate goal is to ensure the solvency of the Federal Government at all times. We borrow money on the money market and capital market in order to repay old debts and to fund all the expenditures set out in the Federal Budget Act. We also ensure that the Federal Republic of Germany's account at the Deutsche Bundesbank is balanced every day, that budgetary deficits are financed at favourable interest rates and that any budgetary surpluses are invested profitably.

Our activities also include services relating to the issuance of German Government securities, borrowing via promissory notes and portfolio optimisation using derivative financial instruments. We also conduct analyses for our shareholders, develop models for an optimal borrowing strategy and assume responsibility for liquidity management and risk monitoring. In addition, we foster relationships with investors and take care of media and PR work for German government securities. Following the dissolution of the Federal Securities Administration at the end of July 2006, we assumed responsibility for private clients business with German government securities as well as for managing the individual debt register. Since 2018 we also maintain the Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilisation (Bundesanstalt für Finanzmarktstabilisierung, FMSA) that still independently and legally oversees the two wind-down agencies FMS-Wertmanagement and Erste Abwicklungsanstalt. At the same time we took over Financial Market Stabilisation Fund (Finanzmarktstabilisierungsfonds, FMS or SoFFin) that was formerly managed by the FMSA. And since 2020 we also administer the Economic Stabilisation Fund which was established by the German Government in consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

On the financial market, we act solely on behalf and for the account of the Federal Government. We are maintaining and building on its benchmark position as a Government bond issuer in the Eurozone.

Your prospects – Why work for the Finance Agency?

We can offer you exciting and challenging work in a working environment that borders the financial markets and the world of politics, where the principles of performance and social security are not mutually exclusive.

As the interface between the financial markets and the world of politics, the Finance Agency offers interesting and challenging tasks. Your commitment to us is a commitment to Germany! By ensuring that the Federal budget can be refinanced at favourable terms and, in turn, that the public sector can be financed cost-efficiently, we maintain and increase our country's capacity to act and therefore reduce the burden on the taxpayer.

The Federal Government is a strong and highly reliable owner that sets great store in continuity. This means proximity to the world of politics and therefore to everyday political issues – factors that apply to virtually no other company. As a government company, we are familiar with ministerial structures and working practices. We plan, think and act in accordance with medium- and long-term time horizons so as to enable us to carry out our strategic and operational tasks in a professional manner. At the same time, we provide stability and security, attributing high value to sustainability and to compliance with social standards.

Despite this social security, we also focus on performance. This is reflected in attractive, competitive and performance-related remuneration packages. We seek and reward performance and commitment. In our company, employees are expected to rapidly assume responsibility. We have a relatively flat hierarchy that ensures direct contact with senior management and with the issues they face on a daily basis. Despite the institutional framework that we work in as a government company, each individual employee enjoys the freedom to act flexibly and to structure their own work.

Our employees display appreciation, respect and politeness in their dealings with each other. Flexible framework conditions, for example, in terms of organising their working hours, help ensure a pleasant professional environment. A good work/life balance and opportunities for personal development help each of our staff deliver a top performance at both an individual level and as part of a team.

This combination of challenging and encouraging staff in a company that is organised as a private company but that operates on behalf of the Federal Government helps make us a unique and attractive employer.

"Zahlungsfähig auch in Zukunft" Finance Agency's core responsibility (link to explanatory video on www.bundesregierung.de [in German language])