What we expect of you

Being a team player, focussing on service, displaying commitment and an ability to cope well under pressure, not to mention reliability and flexibility, are nowadays the minimum soft skill requirements that employers are looking for, irrespective of a candidate's professional experience. We are no exceptions in this respect.

At our company, persistence, diligence and determination are also key ingredients to professional success. This is because the Federal Government, as our shareholder and client, measures us based on the fulfilment of our duties and on our delivery of optimal, timely and, above all, meticulous working results. That means that in case of doubt, it is far more important that we produce reliable and correct work rather than rapid yet potentially incorrect results. We must deliver clear-cut results as we are ultimately responsible for ensuring the liquidity and funding of the Federal Government.

We require that our staff are highly committed to systematically interpreting and understanding the matter at hand, analysing plans and actively pressing ahead with their implementation. We expect our employees to proactively carry out their assigned tasks and to be prepared to “go the extra mile” where necessary. We support our staff in acquiring specialist knowledge and we trust in their experience, as they know best how processes work and where there is potential for improvement and additional challenges. They are the key to our company's success. That is why we are looking for top-performing, responsible employees who can help shape our company instead of just holding down a job. Despite having a clearly defined framework at corporate level, we offer individuals enough freedom to adopt and act with an entrepreneurial mindset, to critically question existing processes and structures as well as to put forward new, constructive ideas, approaches and specific suggestions for improvement.