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Whether you are looking to invest surplus cash or to accumulate capital – German Government securities are a safe basic building block in any portfolio.

Update 2013

Under the principle of economic efficiency for the Federal Republic of Germany's borrowing the German Ministry of Finance has decided not to continue the retail client business. Since 2013, the German Finance Agency stopped offering government securities directly to private investors. Today buying German Government bonds is only possible through lending institutions.

In particular this involves:

Grandfathering: All existing debt register account holders can continue to run their accounts until the maturity of the securities they currently hold in custody is reached.

Purchase of German Government securities: Private investors are still able to invest in safe German Government securities, such as Federal Treasury financing papers, Five-year Federal notes and Federal bonds. These exchange traded securities can be purchased and held in custody with a bank or a direct broker.

Securities account with the Finance Agency: Since the start of 2013, it is not possible to open a debt register account with the Finance Agency in order to purchase Government securities anymore. The possibility to transfer newly issued exchange traded government securities to a debt register account has been removed, too.

Stop of offering of government securities to private investors: At the end of 2012 the Federal Republic of Germany also stopped the issuance of Federal savings notes, Federal Treasury financing papers and the Day bond. The service of purchasing the recently issued Five-year Federal note without charge already expired with series 163 on August 2012.

German Government Securities

Treasury discount paper

Federal Treasury notes

Five-year Federal notes

Five-year inflation-linked Federal note

Ten-year Federal bonds

Ten-year inflation-linked Federal bonds

30-year Federal bonds

Government Day-Bond
(issuance stopped 2012)

Federal Treasury financing papers
(issuance stopped 2012)

Federal savings notes
(issuance stopped 2012)